Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Niven Morgan Signature Candle Collection is Awesome!

Niven Morgan Signature Candles

Niven Morgan, the founder of the successful home fragrance company, has released a remarkable high-end collection of scented candles. These candles never disappoint because all of the scents are amazing. They make the perfect gift for candle lovers, because they come in pretty black vessels and are beautifully wrapped in gift boxes with bows.  

The Niven Morgan Signature Candles Come in Nine Scents:

The Niven Morgan Blue Signature Candle boasts a fresh invigorating scent that few other superior scented candles can stand up to.

The Niven Morgan Gold Signature Candle has a classy but flirty scent with recognizable notes of sweet flowers mixed with sweet vanilla.

The Niven Morgan Lavender Mint Signature Candle is for the person who loves to unwind in the bathtub with the relaxing smell of a soothing candle scent. 

The Niven Morgan Oak Moss and Myrrh Signature Candle has the mysterious and sacred aroma that was treasured as gold in ancient times.

The Niven Morgan Silver Signature Candle emits a citrus aroma with hints of ginger lily and sandalwood. It will fill the room with an ambiance of romance.

The Niven Morgan Winter Fig Signature Candle is ideal for every season of the year. The airy scent of fern needles mixed with clove and fresh fig provides a serene scent that is like no other.

The Niven Morgan Jasmine and Moss Signature Candle has the classic scent of Jasmine blended with notes of spicy moss which generates a peaceful feeling.

The Niven Morgan Rainwater Signature Candle is my favorite of this collection. It has the fresh scent of a flower garden after a light rain.

The Niven Morgan Spicy Patchouli Signature Candle has a robust but appealing aroma of zesty oranges.

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