Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ergo Candles are Environmentally Friendly

Ergo Candles are one of finest scented candles on the market. Ergo never uses chemicals of any form in their candles. Only the purest vegetable soy wax and fragrant oil blends are used in Ergo candles; furthermore, they are hand poured into attractive, quality vessels and charmingly gift boxed. Ergo presents three collections of candles including Ergo Solo Candles, Ergo Spectrum Candles and Ergo Pearl Candles.

Ergo Solo Candles
The Ergo Solo Candle Collection offers an assortment of single candle fragrances made up of nature scents. These candles all boast loud, luscious aromas; however, my favorite is the Ergo Solo Current Candle.

The available scents of Ergo Solo Candles are:

  • Ergo Solo Mango Candle
  • Ergo Solo Mineral Springs Candle
  • Ergo Solo Passion Fruit Candle
  • Ergo Solo Guava Candle
  • Ergo Solo Lavande Candle
  • Ergo Solo Grapefruit Candle
  • Ergo Solo Tuberose Candle
  • Ergo Solo Currant Candle
  • Ergo Solo French Vanilla Candle
  • Ergo Solo White Peach Candles

Ergo Spectrum Candles

Ergo’s most prevalent collection is the Ergo Spectrum Candles that Oprah's “O Magazine" titled the “best candles ever". These somewhat complex fragrances create a combination of dazzling garden scents that are simply amazing. Each of the Ergo Spectrum Candle scents is wonderful but the Ergo Spectrum Kiwi Candle is an exceptionally refreshing scented candle that fills the room with a perfectly balanced aroma of lime, honeydew melon and bergamot.
The scents of Ergo Spectrum Candles include:

  • Ergo Spectrum Kiwi Candle
  • Ergo Spectrum Monkey Grass Candle
  • Ergo Spectrum Pearl Vanilla Candle
  • Ergo Spectrum Lavender Patchouli Candle
  • Ergo Spectrum Fresh Bamboo Candle
  • Ergo Spectrum Pink Grapefruit Candle
  • Ergo Spectrum Currant Calyx Candle
  • Ergo Spectrum Mandarin Vanilla Candle
  • Ergo Spectrum Hawaiian Jasmine Candle
  • Ergo Spectrum Tangelo Candles
  • Ergo Spectrum Citrus Sage Candle

Ergo Pearl Candles

The Ergo Pearl Candle collection is one of Ergo’s most complex fragrant collection. The candles are scented with elaborate blends of as much as 100 notes. The Ergo Pearl L’orange Candle has an especially enticing fragrance of Italian Bergamot and Verbena.
The Ergo Pearl Candles come in scents that include:

·        Ergo Pearl Verve Candle

·        Ergo Pearl Verve Candle

·        Ergo Pearl Zoysia Candle

·        Ergo Pearl Trio Candle

·        Ergo Pearl Chi Candle

·        Ergo Pearl Dark Chocolate Candle

·        Ergo Pearl Sage Pine Candle

Ergo Holiday Cinnamon Bark Candle

Ergo has a holiday candle that is scented with notes of cinnamon bark. The Ergo Holiday Cinnamon Bark Candle is ideal for the Christmas season and is currently on sale online at Candle Luxury.

Candle Review Conclusion of Ergo Candles:
With so many pleasing fragrances designed with supreme notes of pure essential oils and clean soy wax, Ergo Candles offer a fresh scent that creates a wonderful ambiance for every room. It is certainly not difficult to see why Ergo Candles are a favorite of so many people and why Ergo won the "Award for Excellence" from AIMCAL in 2004.

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